DRE Colombian Raw Talks About Growing Pains On “Coming Back”

Dre Colombian Raw - Coming Back

DRE Colombian Raw drops off his new single called “Coming Back.”

DRE Colombian Raw connects with producer CHIMBEATS for this new single. The sample sounds like it is straight out of the ’70s, off an 8-track tape. Hip-Hop is a feeling, an energy that not everyone can take on. Some artists make it appear to be easier than it is to make words rhyme in musical form, and DRE Colombian Raw is one of those.

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“Coming Back” is a story about DRE Colombian Raw and his relationship Hip-Hop. Some relationships are a dream where everything feels right and fits exactly as you thought. With that, you may still experience difficulties that may cause you to separate. DRE Colombian Raw experienced this with Hip-Hop but he has forgotten the feeling she gave him. He has a strong hold on Hip-Hop and says that she will never come back to those who don’t treat her with respect.

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