Richpockets Wants All The Smoke On “Everywhere” Feat. Kurupt

Richpockets feat. Kurupt - Everywhere

Richpockets is back with us on “Everywhere” featuring Kurupt.

Some of these rap dudes always scream they are in these streets, that may not be the truth. Richpockets brings out Philadelphia’s own Kurupt for this new single called “Everywhere.” By land or by air Richpockets and Kurupt are everywhere and are not ducking any of you. The two are packing a heavy bar artillery.

Richpockets – Blast Off

Who wants it from these two who bold with their detestation for snitches who continue to get passes? Richpockets produced the track that he and Kurupt stand tall on and are looking for all the smoke from whomever wants to bring it to them. This is no fear from either of them, and if you run up on them you will find out why.

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