Zen Dash Returns with “Trenta³: Star” Album

Bushwick’s own Zen Dash returns with a 12-track album titled ‘Trenta³: Star.’ Fans can head over to Bandcamp to experience captivating Hip Hop with Zen’s signature dash of modern cutting edge.

The album features Blizz Macmatics, Black Water, and Evan Holt along with a plethora of guest production by ZeroOurMinds, Black Water, Mical Bae, AllTheSmokey, Brass Beard, Camouflage Don, Bankway, and Sensei Dre.

Zen draws audiences in with blends of innovative trap and NY lyricism, a unique sound that’s not easy to create. The intro sets the tone for the album with head-scratching uncertainty about stars. Immediately following Zen wastes no time with witty lyrical antics, sure to resonate through ears and minds well after the album is over. Each track varies from the next and offers a kaleidoscope of hard bass, striking drums, cosmic vibes, and cinematic melodies, with varied tempos. All of which heighten and intensify Zen’s vocal deliverance while highlighting his raw emotions.

Head over to Bandcamp to get a copy of ‘Trenta³: Star’ and more music by Zen Dash. Connect with the artist below.

TRENTA³ : STAR | Zen Dash (bandcamp.com)



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