Darkside Preme Asks ‘Where Were You At?’ With New Single

Darkside Preme - Where Were You At

Darkside Preme debuts on SpitFireHipHop with his new single titled “Where Were You At?.”

Darkside Preme has a question for you little homies. Preme speaks from a place of experience when he asks the question. His new single “Where Were You At?” is a song that is hard-hitting with great questions for some that call themselves gangsta. Darkside Preme is all about telling the truth about what you did and not sharing stories about what your man actually lived.

There are far too many artists pretending to be gangsta and that is not cool. Preme goes back to when telling people you rap was not the thing to say. Brooklyn has changed so much in recent years that it unrecognizable to many. Darkside Preme recalls when it was a more dangerous place to live. Preme scans his memory bank and asks, “Where Were You At?.”

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