DJ Ronsha, Mike Titan & A7MC Connect On ‘For Paris With Love’ Single

DJ Ronsha, Mike Titan & A7MC - For Paris With Love

DJ Ronsha, Mike Titan & A7MC – For Paris With Love

Mike Titan and A7MC connect with DJ Ronsha on this new single called “For Paris With Love.” Titan and A7MC are supernatural on the Ronsha produced track. The rhymes the two deliver are more than accurate and hit the bullseye on every part of the track. DJ Ronsha took his time digging through the crates to find this source of inspiration.

Ronsha Mix “DJs House Guest”

Titan and A7MC transform on “For Paris With Love” and shock you into submission. This gift is one that you will want to unwrap daily to get that happy feeling. Press play on the single below for the savage bars, and be sure to catch the DJ Ronsha and G-Zon mix show on Spit Fire Radio ( every Tuesday from 8pm to 10 pm Central.

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