Dunbar & BP Connect For New ‘Perjury’ Single Feat. Sure Shot

Dunbar & BP - Perjury

Dunbar and BP drop off their new single, “Perjury.”

Dunbar and BP release the first single “Perjury” for their upcoming release “Notorious Unbreakable.” Dunbar and BP continue their strong chemistry first heard on the Bunchy Cartier and BP project “Amity Villains.” Dunbar has been ripping mics as a duo for a long time, and now they have teamed up with their Amityville brethren BP.

Dunbar – Narcotics (LP)

The three artists give you their unique perspective and take on the world today. The song starts guns blazing, with Bunchy wasting no time jumping right in, “Ayo, cops at the door got a safe in the floor/slide the floorboards/floor look like the Boston parquet/cuffed up asking if I want to do things the hard way.” His partner in rhyme Sure Shot follows with witty lines “pulled up in the blue beam like Django/chase tickets new screens like fandango.”

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