Sonny Hendrixx Collaborates With Daxflow On New Single, “Damn”

Sonny Hendrixx feat. Daxflow - Damn

Sonny Hendrixx joins us with his new single, “Damn” featuring Daxflow.

There are plenty of run-of-the-mill hip-hop artists chasing clout and checks nowadays, as if the passion of rhythm and poetry has been cast aside. It’s artists like Sonny Hendrixx and Daxflow that work effortlessly to keep the art behind rap alive by delivering hard-hitting cadences and prolific messaging, and nowhere is this more apparent than in their newest single, “Damn.”

Best summed up as an aggressive single that uses light footwork to deliver powerhouse stingers and reality checks within each listening experience, Sonny Hendrixx and Daxflow use throat-cutting delivery woven into powerfully potent five-finger cadences on “Damn,” start to stop; 808 saw synths lay the foundation for what eventually divulges into a lyrical homicide as straightforward trap drum rhythms stick around to carry out the finality of the assault.

“It seems like everyone these days is trying to microwave their music careers, doing whatever gimmick they can to get attention as fast as possible,” Sonny Hendrixx says. “I want to be recognized as a lyricist. I’ve treated every verse/hook like it was going to be my last. 

“I appreciate the hip-hop culture and movement so much that I get very bothered seeing how lackadaisical some artists can be with their craft.”

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