Leedz Edutainment Restores His Catalogue With New “Mechanical Movement” Remix Feat. Blacastan, Marvalyss, N.B.S. & DJ Slipwax

Leedz Edutainment feat. Blacastan, Marvalyss, N​.​B​.​S. & DJ Slipwax - Mechanical Movement (Krohme Remix)

Leedz Edutainment releases “Mechanical Movement” Krohme remix featuring Blacastan, Marvalyss, N.B.S., and DJ Slipwax.

Following the underground acclaim of his latest album A Worker Among Workers and powerful Feed The Fire featuring XL The Beast and The Arcitype video. Leedz Edutainment restores his catalogue with a new single Mechanical Movement (Krohme Remix) featuring Blacastan, Marvalyss, N.B.S. and DJ Slipwax. “When I heard about Blacastan’s passing, it hit me hard because he was such a positive person who truly loved Hip-Hop.

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We had done a bunch of tracks together but I really loved his verse on Mechanical Movement with Marvalyss off the Eastern Standard album and thought Krohme could give it a fresh new sound. Then I reached out to N.B.S. who were close with Blac and they delivered the third verse” says Leedz. “I wanted the remix to feel more like a scene from a film than a song” says Krohme. Hidekazu Seki ties everything together by laying down all of the guitar parts and bass. All proceeds will be going to Blacastan’s family.

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