Raydeo Releases New “Action Figure” Single

Raydeo - Action Figure

Raydeo joins us today with this new single called “Action Figure.”

Raydeo plans on dropping his Maniac project soon, but for now he’s released new single, “Action Figure.” On the track, the New York emcee is bringing back that authentic sound from the Big Apple. He uses next level word play do describe his upbringing and environment. Although Raydeo is from New York and he is deferring from the drill music, he still lets it be known that he isn’t to be played with. 

“My career manual engineer/ Cannot interfere / Persevere Presence was my weapon/ Shooting since eleven /I was level headed/ It’s a massacre my n***a From my action figure setting. Stop playing with me n***a, stop playing!”

Check out “Action Figure” below and for more information on this artist, follow him on Instagram @raydeoworld. As of now there is no timeline on when he plans on dropping Maniac, but the “Action Figure” video drops on August 12. 

Yoel Molina Law

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