Tragedy Khadafi & BP Reminisce On “Hip Hop Raised Me”

Tragedy Khadafi & BP - Hip Hop Raised Me

Tragedy Khadafi and BP are back with another banger called “Hip Hop Raised Me.”

Tragedy Khadafi and BP bring you their second single “Hip Hop Raised Me” from their sophomore release “Immortal Titans Vol 2”. BP laces Tragedy with the perfect back drop for Tragedy to paint his ode to Hip Hop. Tragedy brings the listener on a tour through his early life and how he came to fall in love with the music.

Tragedy Khadafi & MistaSweet Connect On “Stand Up”

Click the play button and celebrate the love of this culture we call Hip-Hop. Tragedy Khadafi connected with producer BP for the second time to bring you their new album entitled “Immortal Titans Vol 2.”

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