Jus Daze Shows No Emotions On “No Sleep” feat. James Jay Eazy

Jus Daze feat. James Jay Eazy - No-Sleep

Jus Daze returns with “No Sleep” featuring James Jay Eazy.

The Queens, NY bowlegged battle vet Jus Daze is back outside with some new product to push. “No Sleep” is off his upcoming “Runtz & Rants” EP, the sequel to his “Raps & Rants” LP which made waves earlier this year. You get a taste of the new Supersonic strain Jus Daze is promoting on the new single “No Sleep” ft. James Jay Eazy.

The Matteo produced bop puts you right on the grimey corner of Daze’s block where he and Jimmy Jay are posted up there to either serve you that work or them bars! Either way, they’re leaving you slumped. With over a decade in the game, Daze has already proven he can battle an opponent into submission, write conceptual albums, and deliver flows that appeal to both die-hard underground heads, and leisure Hip Hop fans who just want to smoke and have a good time as well.

Here’s a little Supersonic nug for your bowl to hold you over till the “Runtz & Rants” pack drops on 9/20. Follow Jus so you can be one of the 1st to inhale the Supersonic smoke he is serving up this Fall.

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