DREAMy Releases New “So Nice” Single

DREAMy - So Nice

DREAMy makes his SpitFireHipHop debut with “So Nice.”

DREAMy joins us today with the melodic single called “So Nice.” He and his team are goin to slide if there is any trouble. DREAMy is going to take out a couple of bands and go and have a good time with this team. “It all started with DREAMy, we had a lot of discussions to manage its business side. It is thus from this moment that we decided to create DKrecords.”

Living in the stu is what DREAMy does to hone his skills. It is important to him to make sure the vibe is right with the music he releases. Press play on “So Nive” and let us know what the vibe is in the comments.

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