Mandela Eskia & Tev95 Drop “Drunken Master Class” Feat. DVMA

Mandela Eskia & Tev95 feat. DVMA - Drunken Master Class

Mandela Eskia and Tev95 drop “Drunken Master Class” featuring DVMA.

Mandella Eskia and Tev95 are back with this new single called “Drunken Master Class” featuring DVMA. With the master class being all the craze, this is the perfect time for them to drop this single. This is unlike any of the master classes that you will all over the internet.

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This “Drunken Master Class” will get you ready to hold your on as an emcee. They are giving you a lot for your mental, you have to remember the people opposing you are not enemies but rather distraction. Things can change in an instance, so stay in your drunken stance.

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