Mike Titan & Zcience Division Connect For “Microphone Titan” Single

Mike Titan & Zcience Division - Microphone Titan

Mike Titan and Zcience Division release new banger titled “Microphone Titan.”

Mike Titan and Zcience Division are back with a new banger called “Microphone Titan.” Mike Titan delivers his rhymes with precision on this new single. Are you ready for what Mike Titan is spitting here. This is everything the Hip-Hop culture should promote. With all that is going on in and around Hip-Hop, this single is something that should grab your attention.

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“Microphone Titan” produced by Zcience Division has Mike Titan displaying his skills for all of you corny rappers. Mike Titan and Zcience Division score big with this new single and provide something that is not trendy but rather pure Hip-Hop. Press play on “Microphone Titan” below and leave a comment.

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