PiFF Pennywise Jr Puts In The Most Work “Late Night”

PiFF Pennywise Jr - Late Night

PiFF Pennywise Jr returns with his new single “Late Night.”

Emcee “PiFF Penny” and beat-smith “Adwerdz” come together to celebrate 2 years since the release of a street classic “Hoodie Season.” Top tier lyrics: PiFF chose three of the dopiest beats to date. Adwerdz beat patterns and sampling is on time. You can tell he is a pioneer at production. Get ready for their forthcoming short EP Hoodie Season – Anniversary Edition (scheduled to drop digitally on Bandcamp October 31st, 2022. Will drop on all DSP a week to follow). Vinyl’s will be available November 22nd, 2022.

“PiFF” favorite time of the year. The emcee spooky EP cover set the tone of what we should expect.

PiFF Pennywise JR Hits Homerun With “On One”

Growth is showed clearly with “Adwerdz” logo playing the background. Very creative and clever! “PiFF” opens up the “Anniversary Edition” with a horror boom-bap banger “Late Night” (MP3 attached). The emcee delivery grabs you. The deep piano in the track gives you Halloween vibes. Looking at the fan’s comments and reviews of the original track “Last Shot” from the original EP, well “PiFF” has a part 2 and It’s a masterpiece. “Adwerdz” sampling on this track is flawless. What a way to honor the original release.

Though his emcee name and album imagery exemplify the king of clown horror, PiFF himself is a three-dimensional lyricist with quite a discography to his name. Some of his most recent drops to date “Sativa” EP, (8/2022) produced by the talented F-Plus Beatz. PiFF also dropped a mixtape (3/2022) called “PiFF Invasion.

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