Certain.Ones Bless You With “Waterloo” Feat. Feral Serge & Bobby Craves

Certain.Ones Feat. Feral Serge & Bobby Craves - Waterloo

Certain.Ones drops off this new single titled “Waterloo” featuring Feral Serge and Bobby Craves.

Certain.Ones is a collective that has so many branches that trees feel a certain way. Today two of the emcees from Certain.Ones, Feral Sege and Bobby Craves really provide a tidal wave of rhymes on the new “Waterloo” produce by Hilltop Productions. The two show you how to pull a win out of a loss by staying focused on your craft and continuing to push forward.

Feral Serge starts the track by telling you that the world does not care about your feelings. Serge continues by telling you he does not run with the crowd because he leads the field. Bobby Craves follows ups with a rhyme that we believe was shouting us out as he said he is known to spit fire. We are starting our day by giving thanks for Certain.Ones, Feral Serge, Bobby Craves, and Hilltop Productions for this fire single. Take the advice of Certain.Ones and take the win out of a loss.

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