Del Haze Barrages In “Who Am I?”

Del Haze

Del Haze, an acclaimed Hip Hop artist from Buffalo, NY releases “Who Am I?” single taken from his new album ‘Veteran’ out now on all platforms.

Not your average let me introduce myself record, Del Haze harshly delivers his truths starting from the ghetto to now a vetted artist whose inner G is respected and feared. Summed up, he’s Vorhees off the Hennessey and has claimed his stake in and out of the industry. A menacing hook resonates, “They asking they asking they asking they asking who am I? It’s Del Haze motherf*ckers” while a gritty backdrop intensifies his rawness. Stream “Who Am I?” and connect below.

‘Veteran’ album on Apple Music


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Twitter: @therealdelhaze

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