J.SOS Spazzes On “Album Mode” Remix Feat. Grafh & RJ Payne

J. Sos feat. Grafh & RJ Payne - Album Mode Remix

J.SOS releases the “Album Mode” remix featuring Grafh and RJ Payne.

J.SOS connects with two of the best lyricists in Hip-Hop today. There may not be two better than Grafh and RJ Payne with making words to acrobatic flips like a gymnast. J.SOS have mix different materials on the remix for “Album Mode.”

It is apparent that J.SOS, Grafh, and RJ Payne will hit you from long range with their version of Hip-Hop. J.SOS is one that has really gotten it out of the mud, now he is cleaning that mud off each time he connects with artist like Grafh and RJ Payne. Press play on the “Album Mode” remix below.

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