Tay Da Crown “Sober” Ft. J-Ro (Alkoholiks) & Vell x Cee-One

Hip Hop artist representing Phoenix Arizona, Tay Da Crown delivers “Sober” video. The record is produced by Cee-One and features J-Ro of The Alkoholiks and Vell.

The backdrop hits heavy with west-coast and east-coast vibes. The strong basslines intensify Tay’s and J-Ro’s lyrical wit. The video begins in an AA meeting filled with liquor bottles and Tay proclaiming he loves being an alcoholic and a smoke-aholic. In fact, he can still out-rhyme any plastic rapper, “…and then I grab the mic and start spitting out all this rocket fuel.”

J-Ro’s verse poses a question about sobriety, take heed. Will fans still fill shows and arenas shoulder to shoulder, will ladies still expect to be wined and dined, or will careers ultimately fade out? One thing is for certain and echoes, once an Alkoholik always an Alkoholik. Watch the video for “Sober” and connect with Tay Da Crown below.

Instagram –  https://www.instagram.com/taydacrownttg/

YouTube Channel –  https://youtube.com/channel/UC1eGXoSWlsp8VCaAXPp-UXw

Facebook Artist Page –  https://m.facebook.com/100063590917555/

Website – https://taydacrown.com/

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