Lord Strapz Makes His SpitFireHipHop Debut With “LA Laker”

Lordstrapz - LA Laker

Lord Strapz shares his new “LA Laker” single.

Lord Strapz may be from Dallas, but he wants everyone to know he’s balling like the purple and gold NBA squad out West. On his new auto-tuned led track “LA Laker,” Lord Strapz melodically boasts his super cool lifestyle as he reiterates that you should treat him like a true professional player. He raps:

“Yo chick my chick/ I been on my worst behavior she babysitting kids like rich people daycare I been getting paper/ don’t chase her she treat me like a ni**a should be playing for the Lakers”

It’s uncertain if he’s comparing himself to LeBron James or the late Kobe Bryant, but what’s confirmed is “LA Lakers” is Lord Strapz’s latest single from his forthcoming EP Phoenix Mode. Fans can expect the project to drop on Feb. 24, 2023. For more on this artist, follow him on Instagram at @lordstrapz. Check out his track below.

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