Freestyle Cologne Maneuvers Through The “Sea Of Buildings” Feat. Sadat X & Sutterhouse Swish

Freestyle Cologne feat. Sadat X & Sutterhouse - Sea Of Buildings

Freestyle Cologne connects with Sadat X and Sutterhouse Swish on “Sea Of Buildings” single.

Around the building are growing taller and taller. Are they builders try to reach The Most High like those who built the tower of Babel? Whatever the reason these buildings continue to grow Freestyle Cologne explains how to maneuver through the “Sea Of Building.”

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Freestyle Cologne is joined by Sadat X and Sutterhouse Swish who are spitting the 180 proof as they leave you in the dust. Often it feels as if these buildings are closing in our you. If that is the case, you should seek cover and throw up the distress signal in the air for Freestyle Cologne, Sadat X and Sutterhouse.

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