NOLAN fka Drops New Single “QT (let’s chill)”

NOLAN fka - QT (let's chill)

NOLAN fka is back with his new single called “QT (let’s chill).”

NOLAN fka is proud to announce his new album “don’t get TOO excited.” On top of being his debut album under his new moniker, “don’t get TOO excited” embodies NOLAN’s evolution as an artist. Known for his proficient lyrical ability and crate-digging production, NOLAN is excited to showcase his new musical approach and sound unlike anything he’s released before. Along with the announcement, NOLAN fka unveils the project’s lead single, QT (let’s chill), premiered on FLOOD Magazine! Stream the new song here.

Although NOLAN fka may appear as a newcomer, the artist formerly known as Nolan the Ninja has had a longstanding career. The Cali-born, Detroit-bred emcee/beatmaker has released numerous projects both independently via his SPORT CAST imprint and through acclaimed Hip-Hop label, Mello Music Group. In 2019, NOLAN received global recognition from his COLORSxSTUDIOS performance of his breakthrough song Oranges. He has collaborated with some of rap’s most creative artists including Chuck Inglish of The Cool Kids, Quelle Chris, Homeboy Sandman, Chris Crack among others. As Nolan the Ninja, he has been held in high regard for his boom bap production and skillful lyricism, but now NOLAN fka is taking a new approach showcasing a more soulful downtempo sound. NOLAN first introduced us to his new musical style with his 2022 single Houndstooth. The track was well received and garnered critical praise from Billboard as well as being included in Swidlife’s Top 50 Songs of 2022. NOLAN fka on the new musical direction he took with the album:

“Growing up, I was heavily inspired by east coast hip-hop. So naturally, my early creative work reflected that. But as I continued to evolve as an artist & human-being, my taste also matured. I became more aware of how I wanted to be seen & heard. I’m not just a rapper. I don’t only have raps. I enjoy live instrumentation too. I love keyboard sounds & synths. I can make a song that could land on Billboard. Oh, art & design? I can do that too. I want to be a creative director in the future. Point is, I’m layered! So I wanted to challenge myself; try new sounds & different techniques to express my ideas. This is also the very first album not listed under ‘Nolan The Ninja’ so this is really a new beginning for me & my career.”

NOLAN fka (also known as Nolan the Ninja) Is Back With A New Single, “Houndstooth”

Tackling common issues such as heartbreak, lust, depression, “don’t get TOO excited,” is the most relatable album NOLAN has ever made. The making of “don’t get TOO excited” occurred during the pandemic. NOLAN says, “I just remember the early stages of that time & seeing how it affected everyone. No matter race, status or any of that. The world literally stopped, we couldn’t go anywhere & livelihoods were abruptly halted including mine with music. That’s a great example of not getting excited or too attached to plans because anything can happen!” Inspired by Common’s “I Used To Love H.E.R,” NOLAN touches on love throughout the album. He expands, “The sequence of being enamored with something or someone, becoming invested then being left in a state of confusion or sadness because it was taken from you.” Fueled by weed, sex, and depression, NOLAN created “don’t get TOO excited” during a pivotal time in his life.

That’s the trifecta for taking you out of your element. You can even hear in my delivery that I’m not on the same wavelength as my previous releases,” NOLAN explains. He continues “But it’s also me refuting those feelings & dealing with my newfound truths. It’s ultimately understanding that nothing’s forever so don’t be surprised when it ends sooner than you’d like. It’s just how life is or can be. It is what it is.” 

On the new album, NOLAN channels inspiration from acts like The Internet, Terrace Martin, Tyler, The Creator, and Overdoz to create a consistent vibe with cool, downtempo grooves mixed in with lo-fi elements. Rather than rapping as much, NOLAN’s goal was to construct a soundscape and experience for the listener without having to depend solely on lyrical ability. Every track was an organic creation; freestyling takes, rearranging vocals. For the production, NOLAN enlisted VIBSNDS, who produced half the album, CRSN (producer for J.I.D’s “Workin Out”), Brando Heat, and Jaiton.  In addition to being sonically different from anything he’s released thus far, “don’t get TOO excited” is NOLAN’s most vulnerable and relatable project to-date. “don’t get TOO excited” is due for release on February 23rd. Watch the official album teaser here.

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