PiFF Penny & Daz Jones Release “Anger” Single

PiFF Penny &-Daz - Anger

PiFF Penny and producer Daz Jones connect for the new single titled “Anger.”

PiFF Penny and Daz Jones gets together and brings the hip-hop fansAnger.” You would think Piff would get a bass heavy track with crazy energy. However, Philadelphia beat genius and deejay Daz Jones hits him with a tight tune over an outstanding but simple drum pattern while PiFF Penny delivers some memorable bars.

PiFF Penny Drops “That’s It” Single Prod. By Jamal Nueve

Reminiscing of his past, PiFF Penny gives us a vision of how he misses, Prodigy of Mobb Deep and being in the studio with Daz Jones on the catchy hook. This track has a lot of charisma and wittiness. Impeccable scratching on the back end of the track is a nice and refreshing vibe. These skills come with time. Daz Jones and PiFF Penny knocked it out of the park.

PiFF and Daz have been very busy lately. “Anger” releases on Bandcamp on February 20th, 2023.

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