ThisIsHipHopp Drops “You See Me” Feat. Tony Monto YNOT

ThisIsHipHopp feat. Tony Monto YNOT - You See Me

ThisIsHipHopp returns today with “You See Me” featuring Tony Monto YNOT.

Some people pretend not to see you when you are growing you brand. It hurts them so much to know you thriving, that they cannot stand to look at you. Today ThisIsHipHopp connects with Tony Monto YNOT for this new single called “You See Me.” Everyone cannot win however, Tony Monto seems to puts wins together very well.

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ThisIsHipHopp provides Tony Monto YNOT with a soulful track that allows Tony point every reason he knows that you see him. Remember who you start with so that you don’t have to say “You See Me.” Press play on the new single below and let us know what you think on the comments.

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