Choco Valens Drops New Single “Wxlves In Budapest” Featuring Mogly

Choco Valens feat. Mogly - Wxlves In Budapest

Choco Valens and Mogly show their canines on “Wxlves In Budapest.”

Miami artist Choco Valens is making waves in the music scene with his latest single “Wxlves In Budapest” featuring Mogly. This isn’t your typical autotune pop track, but rather a hardcore rap anthem that’s causing a stir.

Choco Valens has been one at the forefront of a movement in Miami that’s all about raw and authentic Hip-Hop. Choco used the instrumental from Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg’s hit “Deep Cover” as the backdrop for “Wxlves in Budapest.”

The track was released as part of Choco Valens’ Wolf Wednesdays series, which features new music and exclusive content every week. “Wxlves in Budapest” is a standout track in the series, showcasing Choco Valens’ lyrical prowess and Mogly’s dynamic flow.

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But it’s not just the music that’s getting people talking – it’s the movement behind it. Choco Valens is at the center of a resurging community of artists in Miami who are rejecting the mainstream and carving out their own path in the industry. These artists are all about authenticity, creativity, and staying true to their roots.

For Choco Valens, that means paying homage to the legends who came before him while also pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in Hip-Hop. “Wxlves in Budapest” is a testament to that vision, blending classic beats with modern rhymes to create something truly unique.

If you’re a fan of hardcore rap and you’re looking for something fresh and exciting, look no further than Choco Valens’ latest single. With “Wxlves in Budapest,” he’s proving that there’s a new wave of Hip-Hop emerging in Miami – and he’s leading the charge.

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