Rein Releases The ThisIsHipHopp Prod. “Disfunction” Feat. Mickey Factz

Rein feat. Mickey Factz - Disfunction

Rein connects with Mickey Factz on this new single titled “Disfunction.”

Hip-Hop has always been known for its ability to tell the raw and real stories of everyday life, and the song “Disfunction” by Rein featuring Hip-Hop lyricist Mickey Factz is no exception. Produced by Canadian producer ThisIsHipHopp, the single is a standout track on the Vintage Season IV album.

“Disfunction” opens with a haunting and hypnotic beat, which sets the mood for the dark and introspective lyrics that follow. Rein and Mickey Factz take turns delivering powerful verses that touch on the struggles of addiction, gun violence, and the toll that they can take on relationships and life in general.

Mickey Factz’s verse stands out in particular, as he paints a vivid picture of the ups and downs of addiction and the way it can consume a person’s life. He details his personal battles and how people would tease him about his vision.

Rein’s verse is equally powerful, as he shares his own struggles and the way it can impact his relationships with others.

Throughout “Disfunction,” Rein and Mickey Factz showcase their incredible lyrical prowess and ability to paint vivid pictures with their words. The production by ThisIsHipHopp perfectly complements the haunting and introspective tone of the song, making for a powerful and emotional listening experience.

Overall, “Disfunction” is a standout track on the Vintage Season IV album. It’s a must-listen for any fan of the genre, and a testament to the incredible talent of Rein, Mickey Factz, and ThisIsHipHopp.

Yoel Molina Law

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