Stop Everything You’re Doing And Listen to Fortunato & Sean One’s Latest Hit Titled ‘Stop This’

Fortunato & Sean One - Stop This

Fortunato and Sean One connect for this new single called “Stop It.”

After two positive, uplifting singles for upcoming new album Blue Collar 2 with producer Sean One, Fortunato takes the opportunity on the third to flex his mic skills with brazen braggadocio battle raps. On “Stop This,” his scathing lyrics are delivered in a confident and meticulous manner as would be expected from a veteran MC releasing music since 2008.

Sean One combines banging drums—oh, those cymbals!—a thick bass line, sublime strings, and some subtle tinkling sounds for an epic boom bap beat that is crisp and clean. Or in the words of Fortunato, “Sean One and I combine with an assortment of rhymes over beats complete with no distortion.”

Fortunato has toured Europe with Onyx, across Canada with The Beatnuts, and recently completed his own East Is In The House tour, which took him across all of the Atlantic provinces including four dates in Newfoundland. He has collaborated with artists such as Sean P, Smif N Wessun, Madchild and Ghettosocks.

Yoel Molina Law

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