Certain.Ones Release ‘Disoriented’ Feat. Bobby Craves, Raw Thesus & Aztek the Barfly

Certain.Ones - Disoriented

Certain.Ones return with this new single called “Disoriented.”

In the dynamic and ever-evolving world of music, artists constantly strive to push boundaries and create captivating experiences for their listeners. Certain.Ones, a talented Hip-Hop collective, has recently released their highly anticipated track ‘Disoriented‘ featuring the incredible talents of Bobby Craves, Raw Thesus, and Aztek the Barfly. This collaboration promises to deliver an innovative fusion of styles and showcase the versatility of each artist involved.

Disoriented‘ is an electrifying track that effortlessly combines elements of Hip-Hop, and rap resulting in a unique sonic experience that defies genre conventions. Certain.Ones, known for their eclectic soundscapes, have once again demonstrated their ability to push the boundaries of musical experimentation with the Wann Sklobi produced track..

Bobby Craves, an exceptional artist known for his distinctive vocal style and lyrics, contributes his talents to ‘Disoriented.’ With his captivating voice and emotionally charged delivery, he adds a layer of depth and authenticity to the track. Craves’ ability to connect with listeners on a personal level is evident in his verses, making his contribution to ‘Disoriented’ an essential ingredient to its success.

Raw Thesus, a versatile artist that brings his signature flair to ‘Disoriented.’ His razor-sharp lyricism and impeccable flow inject a surge of raw energy into the track, captivating listeners from start to finish. Raw Thesus’ contribution to ‘Disoriented’ showcases his undeniable talent and further solidifies his position in the collective.

Aztek the Barfly, a highly skilled wordsmith known for his intricate rhyme schemes and clever wordplay, leaves an indelible mark on ‘Disoriented.’ His thought impeccable delivery adds another layer to the track. Aztek’s contributions seamlessly blend with the overall theme of the song, elevating it to new heights and captivating listeners with his masterful wordplay.

The collaboration between Certain.Ones’ Bobby Craves, Raw Thesus, and Aztek the Barfly in ‘Disoriented’ exemplifies the power of artistic synergy. Each artist’s unique style and individual strengths seamlessly complement one another, resulting in a track that is greater than the sum of its parts. The chemistry between these talented artists is palpable, and their collaborative efforts shine through in every aspect of the song.

Certain.Ones’ release of ‘Disoriented’ featuring Bobby Craves, Raw Thesus, and Aztek the Barfly is a testament to the creativity and talent that exists within the music industry. This fusion of styles and versatile performances creates a captivating listening experience for fans of various genres. The track exemplifies the boundless possibilities when artists come together with a shared vision and a commitment to pushing boundaries. ‘Disoriented’ is not only a showcase of musical prowess but also a testament to the power of collaboration and the ability of music to transcend conventional boundaries. Make sure to give this incredible track a listen and experience the magic for yourself.

Yoel Molina Law

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