Hus Kingpin Teases Upcoming Project with Madlib with New Track ‘Smugglin’

Hus Kingpin - Smugglin

Hus Kingpin is back with his latest single titled “Smugglin.”

Hip-Hop enthusiasts have been eagerly awaiting the collaboration between Hus Kingpin and legendary producer Madlib. As the anticipation grows, Hus Kingpin has treated fans to a taste of what’s to come with his latest street loosie, “Smugglin.” On this track, he effortlessly rides over the iconic Madlib and Freddie Gibbs “Thuggin” production, while delving into the world of smuggling across borders from Trinidad to Brazil.

“Smugglin” showcases Hus Kingpin’s lyrical prowess as he weaves intricate narratives of the underground world of smuggling. With his smooth flow and vivid storytelling, he paints a picture of the risks and rewards that come with this illicit trade. His ability to seamlessly merge wordplay with introspective verses is on full display, captivating listeners and leaving them eager for more.

The choice to repurpose the Madlib and Freddie Gibbs track “Thuggin” for “Smugglin” adds a layer of familiarity while showcasing the production genius of Madlib. Known for his eclectic and soulful beats, Madlib’s signature sound complements Hus Kingpin’s gritty lyricism, resulting in a captivating musical experience. His ability to craft diverse sonic landscapes has made him one of the most revered producers in the Hip-Hop industry.

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Fans of both Hus Kingpin and Madlib can rejoice as the long-awaited collaborative project between the two is set to be released this Summer. This highly anticipated venture promises to bring together the best of both worlds, combining Hus Kingpin’s sharp lyricism with Madlib’s unmatched production skills. With their respective track records and the chemistry evident on “Smugglin,” this project is poised to be a groundbreaking release that will push the boundaries of Hip-Hop.

Hus Kingpin’s “Smugglin” serves as a tantalizing glimpse into the forthcoming collaboration with Madlib, building anticipation for their upcoming project. As they join forces, fans can expect an album that seamlessly merges Hus Kingpin’s storytelling abilities with Madlib’s timeless production. Keep an eye out for this exciting release, set to make waves in the Hip-Hop scene this Summer.

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