Piff Penny & Adwerdz Drop Two New Singles, ‘Problems’ & ‘Apple Jacks’

Piff Penny - Problems & Apple Jacks

Piff Penny connects with producer Adwerdz for a double with “Problems” and “Apple Jacks.”

Today we get two hot tracks from Piff Penny and Adwerdz – “Problems” and “Apple Jacks.”

Now, if you’re not familiar with Piff Penny, you’re missing out. This dude’s got bars for days, and he’s been making waves in the underground scene for a minute now. He’s got that gritty, raw energy that just gets your head nodding and your feet moving. And with Adwerdz on the beat, you know it’s gonna be fire.

Let’s start with “Problems.” This track is all about how he and his team are a problem for this industry. From dealing with haters to getting caught up in the streets, Piff lays it all out on the line. But he’s not just complaining – he’s also spitting some real talk about how he’s overcoming these challenges and staying focused on his goals. And Adwerdz’s beat is the perfect backdrop for Piff’s bars, with a heavy bassline and hard-hitting drums that just make you wanna turn the volume up.

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But don’t get it twisted – Piff Penny can also bring the fun. That’s where “Apple Jacks” comes in. This track is a warning to those who think Piff is playing games.. Piff’s flow is smooth as butter on this one, and Adwerdz’s beat is just as smooth. You’ll find yourself nodding your head and reaching for a bowl of Apple Jacks before you even realize it.

These two tracks show that Piff Penny and Adwerdz are a force to be reckoned with in the hip-hop game. They’ve got the skills, the energy, and the creativity to make some serious noise. So if you’re a fan of real hip-hop, do yourself a favor and check out “Problems” and “Apple Jacks” ASAP. You won’t regret it.

Yoel Molina Law

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