FishXGrits & Sauce Walka Connect On ‘Pimpin’ Ain’t Dead’

FishXGrits & Sauce Walka - Pimpin' Ain't Dead

FishXGrits and Sauce Walka tell you “Pimpin’ Ain’t Dead” on new release.

FishXGrits and Sauce Walka live by codes and the P lifestyle and are tasked with the service/responsibility of adding credibility and street knowledge to the game.  When FishXGrits and Sauce Walka start swapping stories, you know that pimping ain’t dead, it’s alive and well. 

With a handful of collaborations already under their respective belts, Fish and Sauce Walka quickly re-establish their undeniable chemistry with their new single “Pimpin’ Ain’t Dead.”  The new single is now available on all DSP’s and is the first single from FishXGrits forthcoming project Pimping Etiquette

Yoel Molina Law

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