Five Steez & Son Raw Deliver ‘New Kingston’ Feat. Annajé

Five Steez & Son Raw  feat. Annajé - New Kingston

Five Steez and Son Raw connect on “New Kingston” single featuring Annajé.

Jamaican Hip-Hop artist Five Steez and Canadian producer Son Raw are thrilled to announce the release of their new single New Kingston from their forthcoming album Re:DEFined. This exciting song, which features the futuristic Reggae Funk singer Annajé, immerses listeners in the vibrant streets of the city Five Steez calls home as he expertly weaves a tapestry of local references, painting a vivid picture of urban life in Jamaica. 

From his preferred rolling paper to the Yeng Yeng motorbikes roaring through the city, Five Steez captures the essence of his surroundings on this track which showcases the extraordinary synergy between his lyricism and Son Raw’s trunk rattling production. Complementing Five Steez’s storytelling and Annajé’s captivating vocals, Son Raw constructs a bittersweet riddim that blends hard-hitting drums with mournful chords. The production serves as the perfect atmospheric backdrop for Steez’s lyrics.

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“My aim with New Kingston was to bring across the culture and slang in a way that would introduce outsiders to life in Kingston, and, of course, give a representation that we as Jamaicans don’t get to hear in Hip Hop like this,” says Five Steez. “I named the track New Kingston too, not specifically in reference to the business district of New Kingston, but because I feel we’re living in a ‘new Kingston’. It’s 2023 and life here is different from what it used to be.”

New Kingston offers a tantalizing glimpse into the duo’s upcoming album Re:DEFined. Five Steez and Son Raw aim to challenge the boundaries of contemporary Hip Hop, fusing sounds from around the world and deeply personal lyrics into an innovative album that captures a classic 90s sound while pushing the art form forward. Son Raw says, “I have always had a deep appreciation for all the genres of music that have come from Jamaica and stemmed from the country’s influence. So, I’m proud to be behind a song with local artists that captures the modern culture and life.”

With yet another single set to follow after New Kingston, Re:DEFined is scheduled for release on Bandcamp on Tuesday, July 11 and on all streaming platforms on Tuesday, July 25.

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