Odd Pilot Connects With Ry Walker On “Return To Rendlesham” Single

Odd Pilot feat. Ry Walker - Return To Rendlesham

Odd Pilot shares his new single “Return To Rendlesham” featuring Ry Walker.

Britains Roswell? Indeed it is… “Return To Rendlesham” will fly you straight through another time bending, earth shifting, Odd Pilot wormhole.  A truly massive concept track featuring the fine rhymes of Bristol UK native and OddBap soldier, Ry Walker. Ry brings an earth bound abduction story to life in a way that is rarely heard. Maine, USA based producer Odd Pilot tends to work exclusively on cinematic/thematic “movie style” boombap productions in order to bring a unique joyride through suspense-driven melodies with hard drums that are undeniably Hip-Hop.

As depicted in another amazing cover by Vincent Fontaine; On a clear night, December 26 1980 at 2300 (11pm) outside RAF Woodbridge  (U.S. Air Force base near Suffolk England) a report came in of strange lights over the facility. A decision was made to investigate these lights as they fell into the forest near the base. What followed was a sequence of events that is still being talked about to this day. Though it is known as “Britains Roswell”, there are many significant differences in the two events. Little has been verified about the original Roswell incident, but in the case of the Rendlesham forest UFO incident, audio recordings, living testimony, and scientific analysis have been collected over the years to bring this audio file to life! 

Yoel Molina Law

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