Paradime Drops Apollo Brown Prod. ‘Wolf Greys’ Feat. Marv Won & Ty Farris

Paradime Feat. Marv Won & Ty Farris - Wolf Greys

Paradime the Apollo Brown produced “Wolf Greys” single featuring Marv Won and Ty Farris.

Revered Detroit emcee Paradime is proud to announce his first studio album since 2011 Period. is due for release September 22nd on Mello Music Group. Today, Paradime connects with fellow Detroit natives Apollo Brown, Marv Won, and Ty Farris for his grimy new single “Wolf Greys.” 

With an all-star cast of Detroit artists, “Wolf Greys” is a hard-hitting track that sees Paradime, Marv Won, and Ty Farris go showcase their skilled rapping ability over Apollo Brown’s expert production. Paradime states, “Wolf Greys is as Detroit Hip Hop spine as it gets.. I’m not one for features just for the sake of having a feature.. anyone I rock with is because I respect and listen to them.. Marv Won is hands down one of the most gifted emcees to do it. He has made a sport of rhyme and I’ve always been a fan of his work, and he’s a friend.. so that was a no brainer.. Ty Farris.. same thing.. he’s a seasoned emcee and his penmanship is unmatched.. I’ve seen him solidify a spot in this game with his abilities.. and again.. he’s a friend of mine..

Apollo Brown?? Cmon. The guy is a monster.. and he made this track specifically for me and this project and the track does as much work as the emcees.. it’s so deep and heavy..”

Paradime has been a staple in Detroit’s music scene for years. His first solo album Paragraphs was referred to by the Detroit Free Press as a “Detroit Hip Hop Classic”, and it was named the top selling independent album in Detroit in ’01 by the Detroit Music Retailers Collective. Dime has won 13 Detroit Music Awards over a 8 year span and collected 3 Detroit Hip Hop Awards including “Best Solo Album” and “Best Live Performer.” Dime also has accumulated numerous co-writing and production credits in multiple genres, and in the later years has become a sought after songwriter and producer. Following a decade-long hiatus, Paradime has returned with his new album Period.

Be on the lookout for Paradime’s forthcoming album Period. due for release September 22 on Mello Music Group. The album’s second single “Wolf Greys” is available now!

Aptly titled “Period.,” Paradime looks to make his final mark on an already great legacy with this long-awaited album, stating “This album is basically me coming out of retirement to make a final statement. And the end of the statement is a period. Also my first album was called Paragraphs.. Kind of feel the play on words that it’s an end of the start. Also when someone says the word “PERIOD” in that forceful way to say “there’s nothing more to say”.

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