Rize-Again Releases ‘dear, sincerely’ Single

Rize Again - dear, sincerely

Rize-Again shares his new ‘dear, sincerely’ release.

Witty punchlines, buttery flows, addictive beats and heartfelt emotion, these are just some of the main elements that form the experience of Rize-Again’s music. Coming from a very diversified background & upbringing, Rize-Again is an old soul with a young spirit whose skill and versatility is unmatched.

With devotion he writes, produces, records, and mixes the majority of his own projects, meticulously building a house from the ground up. “It’s all about the feeling; practicing honest self expression and moving on what grabs me viscerally, not on what I think I should make.”

Being obsessed with the craft & involved with Hip-Hop culture for the majority of his life, the 32 year old artist hailing from New Mexico continues to not only uphold tradition but to innovate and cover new grounds in his own unique way.

Blending a passion for abstract art, mystical insight and genuine vulnerability into the fabric of his work, Rize wants to not only be recognized for one aspect of his creative process, but to be appreciated as an overall visionary and master curator, operating at the highest degree.

Listen to “dear, sincerely” below.

Yoel Molina Law

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