Uniting Talents Worldwide: Piff Penny & Skinny Bones Drop New Single ‘Squad Up’ Feat. Daz Jones & Syymphony

Piff Penny & Skinny Bones tha Godfather feat. Daz Jones & Syymphony - Squad Up

Piff Penny and Skinny Bones tha Godfather drop “Squad Up” featuring Daz Jones and Syymphony.

As we celebrate 50 years of Hip Hop, emcee Piff Penny and Netherlands super producer Skinny Bones tha Godfather, put together an “EP” that’s going to blow your mind. The first single “Squad Up” released only on Bandcamp August 2, 2023, has the energy of 7 Mack trucks. You feel everything in this track from the creativeness of the emcee line up to the scratches on the beat.

Piff Penny reached out to Philly’s heavy hitters Durdy Sope’s Daz Jones and Syymphony. Daz Jones seasoned the track with a dope “Prodigy” sample. The title to this amazing EP and date will be announced soon. “Squad Up” to open up this upcoming EP keeps you on the edge of your seats. Oh! let’s send Piff Penny a wonderful and blessed birthday and congratulations, on his release today, as well!

In a harmonious blend of transcontinental artistry, Piff Penny, the rising star from North Carolina’s Hip-Hop scene, joins forces with Skinny Bones tha Godfather, a prolific producer and artist hailing from The Netherlands. The result? A vibrant and compelling new single titled “Squad Up,” featuring the dynamic contributions of Daz Jones and Syymphony. This collaborative masterpiece not only showcases the power of global musical connections but also highlights the immense talent each artist brings to the table.

At the core of “Squad Up” is an infectious energy that captures the essence of collaboration. Daz Jones, known for his lyrical prowess and magnetic delivery, injects the track with his signature charisma. His verses resonate with authenticity, painting vivid pictures of camaraderie and unity. Complementing Daz Jones’ performance is Syymphony, whose melodic finesse adds a layer of harmony that elevates the single to new heights. Her ethereal vocals intertwine seamlessly with the rhythm, imbuing “Squad Up” with an unforgettable sonic tapestry.

Yoel Molina Law

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