ILL Gordon Delivers New ‘Light Flex’ Single

ILL Gordon - Light Flex

ILL Gordon returns today with his new “Light Flex” single.

There are some things in the world of Hip-Hop that are as good as guaranteed. Lyricism for example, from a polished pen Chicago MC. ILL Gordon links with producer Uncle JoNH III for their premiere release “Light Flex“ from their forthcoming project “Pens & Needles.“

On LIGHT FLEX, Gordo executes his ability to deliver complex rhymes: “Move ’em all around like Cargo, blowin’ cigar smoke, hear my voice sound like god Spoke-Rappers is not dope, like a factory I got Big Smoke, and I don’t cut ’em off, I just slit throats. With a strong ending in 2023 and an extensive run for 2024, as well as bringing solid churns with more bars and visuals, ILL GORDO has his vision in tact.

Yoel Molina Law

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