Passport Scoob Drops Fire New Single ‘The Only Way’ Prod. by 3G-Li

Passport Scoob - The Only Way

Passport Scoob drops off his new single titled “The Only Way.”

Passport Scoob is back in the Hip-Hop game with his latest banger, “The Only Way,” produced by the talented 3G-Li. If you’re a fan of Passport Scoob’s signature style of getting to the bag and making money moves, this track is a must-listen.

Known for his relentless hustle and dedication to success, Passport Scoob has consistently delivered tracks that reflect his life’s philosophy: it’s all about securing the bag. “The Only Way” is no exception, as Scoob’s lyrics and flow are a testament to his unwavering commitment to financial success.

Behind the boards, we have the incredibly talented 3G-Li, who has collaborated with Passport Scoob to create a beat that’s both hypnotic and hard-hitting. The production on “The Only Way” seamlessly blends melodic undertones, providing the perfect backdrop for Scoob’s lyrical prowess. The beat alone will have you nodding your head and hitting repeat.

Passport Scoob’s lyrical prowess shines brightly on “The Only Way.” He effortlessly weaves intricate wordplay and witty punchlines into his verses, leaving listeners with lines to dissect and analyze. Scoob’s delivery is as smooth as ever, making it clear that he’s not just rapping for the sake of it; he’s delivering a message.

“The Only Way” serves as an anthem for those who understand that the pursuit of financial success is a top priority. Scoob’s lyrics delve into the trials and tribulations of a hustler’s life, reminding us that every move should be made with the goal of elevating oneself and securing the bag. The track exudes an aura of confidence and determination that’s infectious.

Passport Scoob’s “The Only Way” is a testament to his unwavering commitment to financial success and the hustle. With 3G-Li’s masterful production and Scoob’s lyrical brilliance, this track is destined to be a favorite among Hip-Hop enthusiasts. Whether you’re grinding in the streets or making power moves in the corporate world, “The Only Way” is the soundtrack to your journey.

Don’t miss out on this epic collaboration between Passport Scoob and 3G-Li. Stream “The Only Way” now and get ready to be inspired by the hustle. And remember, when it comes to Passport Scoob, don’t call him unless it’s about making money – because that’s “The Only Way.”

Yoel Molina Law

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