Piff Penny & Golden Ear Release New ‘GESA Cipher’ Single

Piff Penny & Golden Ear - GESA Cipher

Piff Penny and Golden Ear drop new “GESA Cipher” single.

Piff Penny and G.E.S.A (Golden Ear Strikes Again) hooks up to celebrate 50 years of hip-hop! What’s a Hip-Hop celebration without a cipher? Welcome to the “GESA Cipher“. “G.E.S. A” cooked up an energetic boom bap classic for the event. Piff Penny was put in charge of the line up. The emcees Piff Penny recruited is bananas.

To start off this cipher Piff Penny sets the tone and comes straight in with some crazy illustrations, wow! Haze Da Kidd jumps in with in protecting his circle. No way you are making pass henny Haze Da Kidd. In case you find Haze Da Kidd looking for a 5th of brandy, Cage aka Cage Targaryen awaits you in the lobby. Cage burns everything he touches.

Scotty Beamin will make you re-think your approach. Scotty Beamin is not from this plane. Sic Fellas 1080p Sic Fellas General detailed his bars so you do get it twisted, and his queen Lex wrapped up the cipher leaving DNA all over the scene.

Yoel Molina Law

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