Raw Milk Premieres Debut Single ‘Ultramagnetic’

Raw Milk - Ultramagnetic

Raw Milk drops off their debit single titled “Ultramagnetic.”

In a fresh and exciting development, the emerging rap duo Raw Milk takes center stage with the world premiere of their debut single, “Ultramagnetic.” This dynamic track is just a taste of what’s to come from their highly anticipated, self-titled project.

Raw Milk brings together two distinct talents from the vibrant underground hip-hop scene: The Suspect Allegedly and A-God The Old Soul. “Ultramagnetic” is their first collaborative venture, and it’s a sonic adventure like no other.

With “Ultramagnetic,” Raw Milk ventures into uncharted territories, fusing the gritty essence of underground Hip-Hop with mind-bending elements of psychedelic rock samples and cutting-edge new age concepts. All of this is masterfully presented with a generous sprinkle of humor, ensuring that listeners are in for a wild, genre-blurring ride.

Stay tuned as Raw Milk unveils more of their musical alchemy in the forthcoming self-titled project. This rap group promises to be a revelation, pushing the boundaries of creativity and challenging the norms of Hip-Hop with their fresh and innovative approach.

Yoel Molina Law

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