Salt Lake City’s Own Zazilla Connects With That Mexican OT For Explosive New Single ‘Ohhh Myyy’

Zazilla feat.That Mexican OT - Ohhh Myyy

In a unique collaboration that bridges cities and styles, Salt Lake City’s emerging rap talent Zazilla joins forces with Bay City, Texas’s own That Mexican OT, one of the world’s most exciting new artists, for the release of the electrifying new single “Ohhh Myyy,” produced by the acclaimed Brisk One.

This latest single marks a significant milestone in Zazilla’s career, a testament to his growing influence in the rap scene. “Ohhh Myyy,” featuring the distinct flair of That Mexican OT, is set to be not just a song, but a cultural phenomenon. The track’s pulsating beats and captivating lyrics showcase the synergistic blend of Zazilla’s bold artistry and That Mexican OT’s renowned lyrical mastery.

Adding to the allure, the music video for “Ohhh Myyy” was shot In West Jordan, Utah At The #1 Smoke Shop In The Area, “Smoke City”. Capturing the essence of the city’s lively urban backdrop. Directed by the visionary Jae Synth, the music video promises to be a visual feast, complementing the track’s dynamic energy.

“Seeing Zazilla and That Mexican OT come together for ‘Ohhh Myyy’ has been a dope journey,” said Chino, Talent Manager. “Both artists bring their unique sounds and styles, creating something truly extraordinary. This collaboration isn’t just a song; it’s a groundbreaking moment in both of their careers.”
This release is more than just a single; it’s a statement, showcasing Zazilla’s ascent in the music industry and his ability to create impactful, resonant music.

Yoel Molina Law

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