MVW & TiaCorine & Lil Cherry Release DJ Sliink ‘Tru Tru’ Remix

MVW & TiaCorine & Lil Cherry - Tru Tru (DJ Sliink Remix)

In October, MVW released, VALEEDATION, his joint project with frequent collaborator Valee, which resulted in music that could just well turn out to be the pair’s magnum opus.  The pairing continued to offer a new perspective on the unique language that he and Valee have developed through their shared artistic vision. 

Now, MVW enlists a Jersey Club global star to remix one of his year’s biggest breakout smashes with the “TRU TRU” (DJ Sliink Remix).  “TRU TRU” is a syrupy ode to female empowerment and pleasure.  When the single was originally released earlier this year, Hypebae added “Lil Cherry, and TiaCorine Praise P*ssy Power With New Single.”  MVW commented “Things have been tightened over the last few years across the world, and with one another—I feel like friendships are truly being tested.  “TRU TRU” is about giving people this psychedelic, anime, trap dream world to escape into.  That escapism feels especially important right now, and can help bring us together.” 

The ”TRU TRU” (Remix) features DJ Sliink, one of the forerunners of the Jersey Club sound, who has done remixes for Doja Cat, and worked with Skrillex and many others. This flavor of excited club energy is a unique blend and introduction for MVW’s melodically focused textures, with beautiful flute and piano arrangements. This unique melodic signature, and the incisive rap arrangements of MVW still holds its integrity in this brand new work. Overall, DJ Sliink’s remix keeps the original energy of TiaCorine’s (of “Freaky T” fame) verse and MVW’s compositions and breaks it out into a radically catchy new track. Also, K-Hip Hop sensation Lil Cherry’s whispery vocals adds intrigue throughout.

DJ Sliink took the reins as Jersey Club’s first global star by leading a musical movement. Named by his peers as “The Jersey Club King”, he has spread the genre from humble beginnings in Newark, New Jersey’s DIY party spaces to international culture hotspots like London, Paris, Milan, and Japan, with mainstream attention from Pitchfork, Billboard, SPIN, Fader among others. “I think “TRU TRU” had my name on it from the beginning!  When I decide on a record, I listen for the vocals, and the sounds around it.  “TRU TRU” exceeded the vibe check; I hope you enjoy the remix” – DJ Sliink

Yoel Molina Law

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