Crow Bars Drop Their New ‘Flippers’ Single Feat. DJ Exes

South Miami’s dynamic duo, Money Mogly and Joey DaSilva, are making waves once again with the release of their third single, “Flippers,” from the highly acclaimed “Crow Bars” LP. As representatives of WXTCH WXLVEZ, these artists bring an authentic street flavor and undeniable talent to the Hip-Hop scene. In this latest track, the duo showcases their top-tier lyrical prowess, complemented by the skillful cuts of Lo Life Florida’s DJ EXES. Get ready for a trip down memory lane to your corner arcade days as “Flippers” takes you on a journey fueled by raw energy and genuine Hip-Hop grit.

Before diving into the magnetic world of “Flippers,” let’s explore the roots of the talented duo behind the magic. Hailing from Miami, Money Mogly and Joey DaSilva now known as the Crow Bars have carved their niche as powerful voices in the Hip-Hop scene. Their affiliation with WXTCH WXLVEZ, a collective known for its dedication to authenticity and street culture, adds a layer of credibility to their artistry.

“Flippers” is not just a standalone single; it’s part of the larger masterpiece, the “Crow Bars” LP. Released to critical acclaim, this album is a testament to Money Mogly and Joey DaSilva’s commitment to authenticity and raw storytelling. The duo explores themes that resonate with the streets, providing listeners with a genuine and unfiltered experience.

Now, let’s dissect the brilliance of “Flippers.” The track opens with an infectious energy that sets the tone for what’s to come. Money Mogly and Joey DaSilva’s lyrical prowess shines through, delivering bar after bar with the kind of street grit that demands attention. It’s not just about the words; it’s about the raw emotions and experiences embedded in every line.

Adding an extra layer of authenticity to “Flippers” is DJ EXES, a key player from Lo Life Florida. The cuts and beats provided by DJ EXES elevate the entire experience, creating a sonic landscape that pays homage to the corner arcade days. It’s a fusion of old-school vibes and contemporary flair, making “Flippers” a complete banger that transcends time.

“Flippers” not only solidifies their position in the game but also takes listeners on a nostalgic journey. With the street grit, lyrical mastery, and DJ EXES’s cuts, this single is a must-listen for anyone craving genuine Hip-Hop vibes. As South Miami’s finest continue to make waves, “Flippers” cements itself as a standout track.

Yoel Molina Law

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