EKYM1536 Unleashes Powerful Double-Sided Maxi-Single: “Le Session De 16’s”

In the heart of the ever-evolving Denver Hip-Hop scene, a New Mexico native turned local luminary, EKYM1536, has dropped a bombshell on the rap game. His latest release, a captivating maxi-single titled “Le Session De 16’s,” not only pays homage to his roots but also solidifies his presence in the vibrant Colorado Hip-Hop landscape.

Hailing from New Mexico, EKYM1536 has seamlessly integrated himself into the pulsating Denver Hip-Hop scene. His musical journey reflects a fusion of cultural influences, and “Le Session De 16’s” serves as a testament to his commitment to both his origin and his newfound home.

“Le Session De 16’s” is a masterful double-sided single that showcases EKYM’s versatility and collaborative spirit. On Side A, he joins forces with the long-time Next Mex Family duo TRAXX4DAYZ, featuring the dynamic Dusty Pages. Side B sees EKYM collaborating with the formidable talents of Cero Deala, Rize-Again, and Wolfman Jack from the Outstanding Citizens Collective. This carefully curated ensemble promises listeners a unique sonic experience on each side.

The beats, courtesy of the skilled Shodis Beats, add an extra layer of sophistication to both tracks. Despite sharing the same verse on both sides, EKYM’s delivery, combined with Shodis Beats’ production, creates an intriguing duality between the two songs. The result is a maxi-single that is both cohesive and diverse, offering fans a double dose of EKYM’s lyrical prowess.

EKYM1536’s opening verse serves as the anchor for both sides of “Le Session De 16’s.” His lyricism is sharp and poignant, seamlessly navigating the beats with a delivery that demands attention. The choice to feature the same verse on both sides adds an intriguing twist, inviting listeners to explore the nuances brought forth by the collaborating artists.

The collaboration between EKYM and the featured artists is nothing short of magical. On Side A, TRAXX4DAYZ and Dusty Pages complement EKYM’s flow with their own unique styles, creating a synergy that is both refreshing and harmonious. Meanwhile, on Side B, Cero Deala, Rize-Again, and Wolfman Jack add layers of depth and dimension, contributing to the overall richness of “Le Session De 16’s.”

With “Le Session De 16’s,” EKYM1536 cements his status as a force to be reckoned with in the Denver hip-hop scene. The maxi-single not only pays tribute to his roots but also showcases the collaborative spirit that defines the city’s musical landscape. As EKYM continues to make waves, “Le Session De 16’s” stands tall as a testament to the artist’s unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering a one-of-a-kind musical experience.

Yoel Molina Law

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