Len-Dor Unleashes Divine Verses On New Single ‘Arms To Short To Box With A God’ Feat. Unscathed

Prepare yourselves for a lyrical revelation as Len-Dor, the wordsmith extraordinaire, is set to drop his latest single “Arms To Short To Box With A God.” Teaming up with the enigmatic Unscathed and under the skillful production of Dj Kawon, this track is a preview of what’s to come on the highly anticipated EP, “A Beacon In The Dark,” slated for release on March 1st.

Kicking off with a surprising twist, the track opens with the iconic Rick Flair delivering his signature bravado, engaging in verbal sparring with another wrestler. However, the tables turn when the adversary retorts, claiming his arms are too short to box with God. This unexpected and powerful line sets the stage for Len-Dor’s profound lyricism and challenges listeners to think beyond the conventional boundaries of hip-hop.

Len-Dor wastes no time in proving why his name belongs in the upper echelons of the rap game. “Arms To Short To Box With A God” showcases Len-Dor’s ability to touch every nerve of those who doubted his lyrical prowess. He navigates the beat with precision, delivering verses that are both thought-provoking and commanding. Len-Dor doesn’t play kiddy games; he’s here to school the masses with his intricate wordplay and insightful commentary. His bars are a masterclass in the art of rap, weaving together metaphors and punchlines that leave listeners in awe. As the track unfolds, it becomes clear that Len-Dor is a force to be reckoned with, and he’s not holding back.

Accompanying Len-Dor on this lyrical journey is the formidable Unscathed. Together, they create a dynamic duo that resonates with authenticity and unapologetic confidence. Unscathed’s verses complement Len-Dor’s, adding an extra layer of intensity to the track. Their chemistry is palpable, cementing “Arms To Short To Box With A God” as a standout collaboration.

The single serves as a glimpse into the upcoming EP, “A Beacon In The Dark,” which promises to be a beacon of light in the hip-hop landscape. Set to release on March 1st, this project is poised to keep listeners full, offering a refreshing blend of lyricism, production, and authenticity.

Len-Dor’s “Arms To Short To Box With A God” featuring Unscathed is a bold statement, challenging the norms of Hip-Hop while showcasing their talents. With Dj Kawon’s production adding an extra layer of brilliance, this single is destined to leave a lasting impact. As we eagerly await the release of “A Beacon In The Dark,” it’s clear that Len-Dor is not just an artist; he’s a lyrical force to be reckoned with. Get ready to witness the dawn of a new era in Hip-Hop.

Yoel Molina Law

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