Malachi Mahir’s ‘Chipped Tooth’ Pays Homage to Nas and Defies Stereotypes

Hip-Hop artists often find inspiration in the legends who paved the way for the genre’s prominence. Malachi Mahir, with his latest single “Chipped Tooth” featuring Mr. Ripley, not only delivers a captivating track but also pays homage to one of the genre’s pioneers – Nas. The song, produced by the mastermind Gold Magnum Opus, takes its title from Nas’s early years, where the legendary rapper sported a chipped tooth.

Nas, also known as Nasty Nas or Nasir Jones, rose to prominence in the early 90s, leaving an indelible mark on the Hip-Hop scene with his debut album “Illmatic.” However, what often went unnoticed amidst his lyrical prowess was his chipped tooth, a physical characteristic that became synonymous with his early image.

In an industry fixated on flawless appearances, Nas shattered stereotypes by embracing his imperfections. His chipped tooth became a symbol of authenticity, a reminder that raw talent and genuine storytelling could transcend societal expectations.

“Chipped Tooth” by Malachi Mahir and Mr. Ripley cleverly intertwines Nas’s legacy with their own narrative, challenging the preconceived notions associated with a chipped tooth. The track speaks to the resilience of those who dare to be different and authentic, unapologetically embracing their unique qualities.

Society has long perpetuated the notion that a chipped tooth symbolizes ruggedness or even an element of danger. Malachi and Mr. Ripley use this stereotype as a metaphor, flipping the narrative to showcase the power and fearlessness that comes with being true to oneself. The fear people associate with a chipped tooth becomes a metaphorical weapon in the hands of these talented artists, dismantling societal norms with every rhyme.

The sonic backdrop for “Chipped Tooth” is crafted by the skilled hands of Gold Magnum Opus, bringing forth a sound that mirrors the raw and unfiltered essence of Nas’s early work. The production serves as a homage to the golden era of Hip-Hop while providing a contemporary twist that resonates with a new generation of listeners.

“Chipped Tooth” is not just a song; it’s a declaration of individuality, an ode to the unapologetic authenticity that Hip-Hop was built upon. As Malachi Mahir and Mr. Ripley spit their rhymes over Gold Magnum Opus’s beats, they invite listeners to question societal norms and celebrate their own unique stories. In the spirit of Nas, this track stands tall, chipped tooth and all, as a testament to the power of self-expression in the world of Hip-Hop.

Yoel Molina Law

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