SoFlow Sonic Alchemy: Money Mogly, Orion, and DJ Exes Unleash ‘MIRA WXLVZ’ – A Spellbinding Prelude to ‘Death Comes In Trees’

In the heart of the South Florida Hip-Hop scene, where the beats are as hot as the sun and the talent is as diverse as the city itself, Money Mogly, Orion, and DJ Exes emerge as a powerhouse trio. The latest joint venture from this dynamic team, titled “MIRA WXLVZ,” is set to redefine the underground rap game. Produced by the mastermind DJ Proof, this track is just a taste of what these three have to offer.

At the forefront of this collaboration is big wolf Money Mogly, a name synonymous with the essence of South Florida’s raw Hip-Hop culture. Teaming up with Orion, also known as Brass Balls, and the turntable virtuoso DJ Exes, they collectively go by the moniker La Plancha. Beyond dropping tracks, the two are known for hosting one of South Florida’s hottest monthly Hip-Hop events, showcasing the best of the local scene.

Their latest collaborative project, “Death Comes In Trees,” is a testament to their commitment to unveil the hidden gems within the South Florida Hip-Hop landscape. As the trio puts it, “While everyone’s eyes and attention are on the South Florida Hip-Hop wave, we gonna make sure to introduce you to all of our top shooters.” “MIRA WXLVZ” serves as a sneak peek into the larger narrative of the SoFlow scene, promising listeners an immersive experience into the underground culture.

Behind the beats of “MIRA WXLVZ” is DJ PROOF, the wizard in the studio who adds the magic touch to every track he produces. Known for his ability to capture the essence of the streets in his beats, DJ PROOF elevates this collaboration to a level where the streets meet the studio.

As South Florida continues to make waves in the Hip-Hop world, Money Mogly, Orion, and DJ Exes are determined to put the spotlight on the talent that often goes unnoticed. Their collaborative efforts aim to showcase the diversity and authenticity of the SoFlow scene, reminding the world that the underground is where the true magic happens.

With “MIRA WXLVZ,” Money Mogly, Orion, and DJ Exes are not just dropping a single – they’re unveiling a movement. “Death Comes In Trees” promises to be a game-changer, offering a deeper look into the underground culture that defines South Florida’s Hip-Hop scene. As the trio sets the stage for a new era, the rest of the world can’t help but pay attention to the raw talent emerging from the streets of SoFlow. Get ready for a journey through the sounds and stories that make up the heart and soul of South Florida Hip-Hop.

Yoel Molina Law

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