Bless Picasso Connects With Kool G Rap & Conway The Machine On ‘Paper Spiders’

With the sting of a venomous arachnid, “Paper Spiders” enters the bloodstream. The Underground Rap King from the Tidewater Area, Bless Picasso, easily competes for best verse alongside fellow artists Conway The Machine and Kool G Rap

Oh No, the maestro, arranging the beat like intricate webs for the emcees to spin their verses on. Pressed on 140 gram color vinyl, limited to only 100 pieces with remixes by Dub Sonata, Kount Fif and a punchline heavy verse from Copywrite. Friends this is just the aperitif, “The Rillest in the Room” is coming! Fair Warning. Be prepared.

Yoel Molina Law

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