CERTAIN.ONES Release ‘Ruled By Thieves’ Feat. Dzl1, Feral Serge & Bobby Craves

In the dynamic world of Hip-Hop, where the beats drop like bombs and the lyrics cut through societal norms, CERTAIN.ONES emerges with a potent new single titled “Ruled By Thieves.” Featuring the lyrical prowess of Dzl1, Feral Serge, and Bobby Craves, this track isn’t just music; it’s a manifesto, a call to arms against the pervasive forces of deceit and corruption.

Produced by the beat-maker Chef Mike, “Ruled By Thieves” isn’t your average Hip-Hop track. It’s a narrative woven with threads of truth and rebellion, where each verse serves as a mirror reflecting the harsh realities of a world where honesty is a rarity and exploitation runs rampant.

At the heart of “Ruled By Thieves” lies a poignant message: the world is governed not by leaders of integrity but by those who thrive on deception and greed. Dzl1, Feral Serge, and Bobby Craves each take center stage, wielding their words like weapons to expose the masked faces of those who plunder the masses for their own gain.

The cover art, a striking image of the infamous Hamburglar against the backdrop of the American flag, serves as a powerful visual metaphor. For those unfamiliar, the Hamburglar is a character from the McDonald’s franchise—a cunning thief who steals hamburgers with stealth and mischief. But beyond his playful facade lies a deeper symbolism.

In popular culture, the Hamburglar represents more than just a cartoonish figure; he embodies the essence of theft and deception in its most insidious form. Just as the Hamburglar sneaks in under the guise of innocence to snatch burgers, so too do the forces of corruption infiltrate our lives, robbing us of our rights, our dignity, and our future.

With “Ruled By Thieves,” CERTAIN.ONES via Dzl1, Feral Serge, and Bobby Craves shine a spotlight on the shadows that lurk in the corridors of power. They refuse to stay silent in the face of injustice, using their artistry to spark conversations and ignite change.

As the beats thump and the verses flow, listeners are invited to join the revolution, to question the status quo, and to reclaim their voices in a world ruled by thieves. “Ruled By Thieves” isn’t just a song; it’s a battle cry, echoing through the streets and resonating in the hearts of those who dare to dream of a better tomorrow.

So let the music play, and let the words ring out. For in the melodies of CERTAIN.ONES lies the promise of a brighter, more just future—one where truth triumphs over lies, and where justice reigns supreme.

Yoel Molina Law

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