DJ Premier & Russ Get Into Their R&B Bags With New Single ‘Work This Out’

After previously working together three years ago on “Inside Job” (from Russ’ CHOMP album), DJ Premier and Russ are back to work on their new collaborative single “Work This Out”. 

As soon as you hear the yearning keyboards and Russ croon “I just wanna work this out and be good,” you know DJ Premier and Russ are both in their R&B bags with “Work This Out.” DJ Premier constructs a wonderfully elegant and melodic groove for Russ, who floats over the pockets to create a pining, and contemplative love letter to his significant other. 

“Back when Russ was recording Chomp, he told me he wanted to spit bars, so we recorded “Inside Job.”  We swapped records, so I told him I wanted to make a record relative to his fan base” DJ Premier remarked.  “My keyboardist, Carlos Homs, played me the piano riff and I assembled the bass and drums.  Russ was preparing to leave for his tour and we literally recorded this the night before he left.  The magic was flawless!” 

Relationships are complicated, let DJ Premier and Russ help you “Work This Out.” DJ Premier & Russ’ “Work This Out” is now available at all DSP’s via TTT (To The Top). 

Yoel Molina Law

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